"No pizza, no wine, no chocolate— for full year! After a while, all the visits with nutritionists and 4 a.m. gym workouts just put you on a autopilot. But when you see the payoff onscreen, it’s totally worth it"

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now tell me what you saw, tell me what you saw

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lydia martin, season 3b; color analysis. inspired by (x).

(allison / scott / stiles)

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things to yell out loud during sex:

  • we took off while you were in the bathroom, because we hate you
  • fuck. DA. police.
  • and then i woke up at home
  • we’re delta airlines and life is a fucking nightmare
  • we were like dogs without horses
  • fade out and say “executive producer dick wolf”
  • eleven up and one over ya simple bitch
  • ahh, we are approaching martinique!
  • gross, mop it up, now… back to my hunch





how bffs communicate

this is too real 

I was expecting the response to be “scored a goal” tbh

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Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

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yeah man i may wanna bang half the league but i still love the sport

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